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Are you a country mouse or a city mouse? I guess I would say I’m a country girl. After I graduated from college in Washington, DC I was dying to have a home of my own and when I pictured what it would look like I just didn’t think “city”. I think thats why Frank and I ultimately settled in the town of Bronxville, NY after college. I still can’t believe we bought a place in the suburbs at the age of 22 (EEEK!). It ended up being the best of both worlds because after a less than 25 minute train ride we would find ourselves in the middle of NYC. Similar to the length of time it takes to get from Brooklyn to Grand Central. For me it was perfect.

I grew up less than 10 miles from the property that the Stone Barns Center and Blue Hill Restaurant now sit on. Back then it was just a whole lot of preserved land donated by the Rockefeller family. Not much more to see than a few cows, a lake, and lots of trails. We went so often I memorized the paths, the trees, I could even recall where the rocks were. Frank and I have been going to Blue Hill long before we had kids. I’ve posted about it before so I won’t go on and on but its such a happy place for me. Last Friday I was shooting some pictures for an upcoming collaboration and decided to bring Harrison. I think these are my favorite yet…





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Our trip to Belgium was a success! Of course we had a few ups and downs (like literally horrible turbulence for 15 minutes that had me lifted out of my seat and screaming) but Luke slept through most of it and we made it in tact and semi-rested! I've had some questions about the boys adapting to the first 24hrs and I'll do a post on our schedule after the red-eye..just want to wait till tomorrow to see if there are any major changes. 

I feel like at least half of our positive experience was the result of all the great suggestions I received through my Instagram followers (especially the kid advice). Also this article was great for me! I've been feeling like I am on the brink of getting a sold but the Vitamin C packets have been great. I strongly recommend them for travel. Also setting my watch to the time in Belgium the minute we got on the plane also worked!





  • Luke loved this tape on the plane. We used it to make shapes and designs on the tray table. I originally bought it for a window seat but we switched to the middle of the plane and it was equally as fun on the seat in front of us! 
  • This is the best invention! We both used it to fall asleep. Two downsides though: you have to blow it up, no pump. Not the biggest deal but I got a little light-headed at 30,000 feet! Also the height didn't quite match our seat so it wasn't perfect. Overall though totally worth it. Now I know why they call it 1st class for kids!



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I had the loveliest weekend celebrating my sister's bachelorette in the Hamptons. Her friends organized an Airbnb in Southampton that was gorgeous! It comfortably fit all ten of us and included a pool and lovely gardens. On Friday night we went to Wollfer Kitchen and Saturday drinks at the Wollfer wine stand followed by a restaurant called Calissa. Both were great! Call me crazy but my happiness on vacation usually revolves around food. Most people would say the beach or pool but nope, not me! Give me a delicious lunch followed by and iced tea and I'm at my happiest.  

I brought two bags with me this weekend: this one and this one. It was the perfect combination! Also lots of questions about the dress I wore out on Saturday night in blush - only found it white and black here. Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday week!



Breakfast at Provisions : When I discovered this place about 7 years ago it was love at first sight. As you know I have a serious love for healthy foods and even more so organic and dairy-free options. If you're heading to Sag Harbor or just passing through, stopping here is a must. I recommend the watermelon juice and my absolute favorite thing to eat is the baby buddha (ask for both the tahini and green herb dressing. 

Lunch on the go at Harbor Market & Kitchen: Last summer we rented a house in Sag Harbor and Frank and I stumbled upon this place while on a morning bike ride. Everything is delicious! They have vegan and gluten free options and will also happily satisfy a carnivore:) You can eat in at their communal tables or pack a to-go basket for the beach. My favorites are the salmon cakes, tahini brownies, and jasmine iced green tea. 

Coffee/Tea and a cookie break (while shopping) at Sylvester & Co.: Lynda Sylvester starting making cold brew 20 years ago. You can drink her now famous coffee here on tap along with a delicious homemade dark chocolate peanut butter cup. Yes I was a little bit indulgent on this trip! 

Frozen Yogurt at Buddha Berry: Every time I go here I beg them to open in Connecticut. Their frozen yogurt is delicious and they have the most amazing dairy-free options that are coconut milk based. This weekend it was match (obviously I was in heaven). 

Shopping at Goop: I loved last years pop-up in Amagansett and this one doesn't disappoint! Don't miss the beautiful outdoor garden in the back! I treated myself to this diffuser that has been on my wishlist for a long time. Last night we diffused this oil and my bedroom smelled amazing!

For buried treasure stop in Bloom: I couldn't find a website for this gem but trust me, its a must visit. The picture above was shot in the back cottage. BLOOM 43 Madison St, Sag Harbor, NY



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If you were headed out for a weekend trip and could only pack a carry-on what would you fill it with? You'd stare at your closet, your shoes and handbags, and think which one of these pieces would work for the flight there, on and off the beach and maybe even out to a casual dinner. I thought about this when we went to Watch Hill/Newport for the day a couple of weeks ago and even though we were driving I wanted to wear one dress that would work for it all. I love this dress  and the brand that makes it have the loveliest patterns. If you're not into a super short dress (which I normally am not so its funny my last two posts have been short dresses) they have longer options in the same print here and love this white style here




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Anyone else in need of a dose of vitamin D? Why does it feel like the older I get the longer it takes for Spring to arrive? When I looked at the weather report for last weekend and saw 50 degrees I immediately thought of white cotton blouses and my new taupe suede slides. Frank laughed at me when I came downstairs dressed in an outfit I think I wore this summer in Sag Harbor (when it was 80 degrees). 

Have you guys checked out the shop tab yet? I just created a resort section that I'm pretty excited about! I will continue to update it with my favorites for any of you traveling to a warmer climate or dreaming of Spring like me. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • THIS DRESS! I have a similar style that I've lived in for the last 5+ years. The silhouette is perfect for a casual-pretty-summer look, love the boho vibes, and for under $100 its a great value
  • This strapless black dress is the perfect packable vacation piece. Roll it up and whip out for dinner on the beach with a statement earring. Also this set is on my wishlist!
  • This rose water spray is my go-to for warm weather and for flying. Its fully of antioxidants and always helps me feel refreshed



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It has been REALLY cold out this week! Luke's birthday is January 2nd and last year a full blown blizzard hit the east coast on the day of his party...everyone cancelled only a few hours before (sad face). I think I was more scarred than he was to be honest! After this week I'm seriously considering a lovely half birthday celebration in July:) Now they're saying we're supposed to be getting a bomb cyclone tomorrow, WHAT?! Fingers crossed for this year's party on Sunday!

Honestly my first what to pack post of the year should have been for the beach (hint, hint - I'm desperately trying to convince Frank of a weekend Florida getaway) but naturally my heart loves a good ski trip. We always go to the Berkshires but lately we've been talking about heading out west. Kid friendly suggestions welcome! I put a similar packing list together for a client of mine traveling to Europe for an annual family gathering in Switzerland. She wanted casual chic and to always feel "dressed" on and off the slopes. Another essential I had her buy was this face oil. It has been saving me the last few weeks! All these pieces can easily work on a trip to any cold climate! 




Oh how I love the weekends...This post started out as a Lust List and eventually morphed into a What to Pack which I was so excited about because its been a while:) I recently helped a client pack for her trip to Nantucket and we had SO much fun! I love playing dress up but one of my passions is working with an everyday casual wardrobe. We centered around the purchase of this tunic (which is $25 off right now with code PRIVATE) and her suitcase evolved from there! Another casual summer staple for me are army green shorts. I just love them paired with a basic white top and gold accents (sandals or hoop earrings). These are PERFECT!

Need help packing for your next trip? Click HERE!



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I've always been envious of people that fly frequently or for long periods of time and still look refreshed and coordinated. After doing some research for this post I found so many amazing products to help us become the seasoned jetsetters we've always wanted to be. In my experience, hydration still remains to be the most important thing, but this guide will hopefully put you right up there with the pros. When I set out to write this post I of course had to consult with my friend and fellow blogger Jordan Rhodes of Glimpse Guides. Her luxury travel guides are perfect for family travel that is both smart and stylish. She told me about this aromatherapy oil that acts as a stress reliever and helps her find her zen before a long flight (my husband will appreciate this)! These Klorane eye patches are a lifesaver on the plane or after a long car ride and they smell amazing! I'm always looking for the next best hand sanitizer. I haven't tried this one but Gwyneth Paltrow swears by it when she travels. 

I absolutely love travel sets but a lot of times I feel like the samples are small and I don't end up using everything. This one may feel like a splurge but it is packed with the best products and the little travel bags alone are worth the price. I'm always concerned about neglecting my skincare regimen while on vacation and packing large containers can be such a pain especially if you're just doing carry-on. Check out Jordan's answer to maintaining you're healthy glow at 40,000 feet and when you've reached your destination!




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Help! I'm going away for the weekend and I have no idea what to pack!! I love when I get these calls from my clients. It can be a challenge especially on a short trip to "pack smart" yet also feel sexy and chic on vacation. For me there is nothing better than a text of pic from a client shopping in London or on a beach in Mexico who is in love with what they're wearing. When you look good you feel good!



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