do you have a Spotify playlist?

YES! click here

where is your living/dining room rug from?

wool sisal rug in light gray

where is your iced tea pitcher from?


what white paint colors do you use? what color is your gray door?

trotta paint colors post

where is your duvet cover from?

white linen duvet

where are your necklaces from?

“S” initial

jane win gold wishbone

Jane win gold large heart

Gigi brown beaded

rectangle CHAIN LINK

engraved small heart necklace

where do you get your hair cut? colored?

Maison d’Alexandre in Greenwich, CT - Alexandre has been cutting my hair for almost ten years now:) Beth does my color

how old are you?

35, i turned 35 on September 25th!

is there a way to submit a follower testimonial?

Yes! Fohr is a company that connects influencers and brands. If you complete this short (anonymous) survey on why you follow me :) it could increase my chances for RECEIVING some awesome collaborations in 2020. CLICK HERE PLEASE AND THANK YOU!